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Privacy Policy

At Neelchand, we sternly protect the right to privacy of our beloved visitors, therefore we adhere to specific standards to guarantee you keep ownership of your data provided to us and prohibit unauthorized sharing or third-party interference with your privacy and information.

We request you to visit the website’s privacy policies before making a claim, as the privacy policy is subject to change.

What information do we collect?

Any data collected by our site is only pertaining to information that assists our team to identify, notify and serve you in an effective manner. Information such as your name, contact details, number of companions, date of arrival, and prospective departure, and your payment information will be collected from you, once you agree to our terms and conditions.

Where will the information be used?

The above-mentioned information collected from you through our website or other sources will be utilized for internal recordkeeping, to inform you about ongoing offers that might be of interest to you, to acquire feedback for internal evaluation, and other promotional, marketing, and development purposes.

Can third parties access your information?

 Under no circumstances, the visitor’s information will be shared with a third party through Neelchand, consensual or otherwise.

Cookie Policy

 A cookie is a small text file that contains information on your computer or mobile device. We use cookies to collect information such as your e-mail address, type of browser, time spent online searching relevant services, pages visited, etc. These data are used to improve the content and functionality of the site and to provide you with a better user experience.

At Neelchand, the information extracted through cookies is used to send emails to visitors who might have shown interest in traveling to South Goa and looking for relevant accommodation and vacation experience, to conduct market research on intriguing content delivery, to track responses to call to actions, demographics of audiences, etc, This information will be retained from the users on submitting consent to accept cookies alone, one can always refuse to accept cookies to show disinterest.

Redirection to third party sites

 The content of our website encompasses cross-links, that might redirect you to a third-party website for your convenient perusal. Please note that any website that you are redirected to, is not owned by Neelchand and we do not oblige for the content delivered and policies followed by such websites. The nature of their privacy policies is not governed by th